Deep Cleaning Services

Thorough Deep Cleaning Services in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

There is no place like a spotless home! Our Sault Ste. Marie deep cleaning services are designed for just that. 

We will thoroughly clean every nook and cranny from top to bottom. Our cleaners will work carefully to ensure that every detail of your property is spotless. Deep cleanings are more thorough than regular cleanings since they are designed to target and remove deep grime and dirt in your house.

Do the work correctly the first time. Detailed deep cleaning needs experience, ability, and dedication. Sault Ste. Marie House Cleaning will leave your home bright and shining, making it a pleasant place to be. Each cleaning is customized to your individual requirements while sticking to professional deep cleaning standards. 

Our deep cleaning specialists are meticulous, skilled, and fully equipped with all cleaning materials and equipment. We are committed to delivering a consistent cleaning service on which you can rely. Request a free cleaning quote here or phone us to talk with one of our pleasant staff members. Your complete satisfaction is assured.

It's time to quit worrying about cleaning up after yourself and let us handle everything. You'll love returning home to a spotless home following this service!

deep cleaning services throughout sault ste marie ontario
deep cleaning services throughout sault ste marie ontario


Deluxe Deep Cleaning Service

Our deep cleaning services in Sault Ste. Marie are great for customers who want to get their home back in order. We'll give your house the extra attention it deserves and make sure it's sparkling from top to bottom!

Our Sault Ste. Marie deep cleaning services are for you if you want to give your property an extra shine or if you need a more thorough cleaning than what our standard cleaning delivers. All of the services from our Standard Cleaning are included, as well as some extras like dusting blinds, vacuuming under furniture, and washing down cupboards. You deserve this level of attention! Our deluxe deep clean is intended for customers seeking their first professional cleaning or who have not had one in more than 30 days.

Sault Ste. Marie Deep House Cleaning Services

Our Sault cleaners provide the best cleaning service. From deep cleaning to on-going house cleaning, we do it all!

Deep Cleaning Checklist

What is included in the deep cleaning checklist at Sault Ste. Marie House Cleaning?

All Areas

  • Empty the Garbage and Recycling
  • Sweep and Mop Every Floors
  • Vacuum All Mats and Rugs
  • Dust Every Surface and Furniture Item
  • Clean / Sanitize Light Switches & Doorknobs
  • Dust Baseboards and Corners
  • Clean / Dust Ceiling Fans
  • Dust All Light Fixtures
  • Clean / Disinfect Stair Railings
  • Remove Cobwebs


Everything done in All Areas plus:

  • Clean the Outside and Top of Fridge
  • Clean / Disinfect Countertops and Backsplash
  • Clean Outside of Appliances / Disinfect Appliance Handles
  • Scrub and Clean / Disinfect All Sinks and Faucets
  • Clean Stove Top and Stove Hood
  • Clean the Outside / Inside of Microwave
  • Clean Any Stainless Steel
  • Clean Oven (Outside)
  • Load Dishwasher


Everything done in All Areas plus:

  • Clean / Disinfect Countertops,
  • Faucets and Tiles
  • Scrub and Clean / Disinfect Toilets, Handles, Seats
  • Clean Bathroom Cabinets and Disinfect Handles
  • Clean / Disinfect Sinks
  • Clean Each Shower and Bath Tub
  • Wash Mirrors and Fixtures
  • Vacuum / Sweep and Mop Bathroom Floors


Everything done in All Areas plus:

  • Dust / Wipe Doors
  • Quick Floor De-Clutter
  • Make Beds and Change Bed Linens (when left on top of bed)
  • Clean Tops of Nightstands and Dressers


  • Extra Attention to Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • Clean Doors, Doorframes and Vents
  • Hand Wash and Scrub Baseboards
  • Spot Clean Floors and Doors
  • Light Fixtures Cleaned
  • Vacuum Vent Grills
  • Deep Vacuum Behind and Underneath Pulled Out Furniture / Appliances, Sofas, Under Cushions and Pillows

Additional Services / Extras

  • Extra Dirty Cleaning
  • Clean Interior Windows
  • Clean Inside the Fridge
  • Clean Inside the Oven
  • Clean Inside Cabinets / Drawers (*must be empty)
  • Wet Wipe Blinds
  • Clean Finished Basement
  • Hand Wash Dishes
  • Balcony Sweeping / Mopping
  • Load of Laundry
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