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Cottages are a place we can escape to to relax. While there, it's a time we can spend with friends and family without having to worry about work. However, it's hard to kick back and relax when your cottage is dirty and dusty. No one wants to spend their vacation time cleaning. This is why cottage cleaning is on our list of services we offer. 

We acknowledge that cottages require a lot of upkeep and for property owners to keep up with the extra maintenance, it can be challenging. Cottages are also typically left unattended for weeks or months on end. Dust and bacteria have a chance to severely build up which will lead to an unhealthy living space. If you have a cottage that needs cleaning for your arrival, give us a call and we will be happy to clean it!

Reliable and honest workers who enjoy cleaning and getting the job done right make up our team. We have the best attention to detail and will make sure you are satisfied with our cleaning every time. If for some reason our job didn't satisfy your needs, please let us know and we will work towards fixing the problem with no additional charges for you.

We can clean the whole interior of your cottage or just some rooms of your choice. We get rid of all the dust and build ups of grime so your cottage stay is solely about relaxing and having quality family time. 

Contact us today for professional cottage cleaning services. Our Sault Ste. Marie cleaners would be happy to set up a cleaning schedule or preform a deep clean.

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