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Back-to-back Airbnb bookings are very stressful because they don’t leave much room for a cleaning time in between stays. If you are an airbnb host, you have likely experienced the stress of getting your property back in order in a short period of time. 

Our cleaning company is experts in managing all the cleaning involved in short or long term rental units. We guarantee you that your property will be spotless once our team is done with it. We understand that rental guests expect the highest degree of cleanliness and that's why our intentions are to make your property pristine. We wash, scrub and disinfect your whole rental property fast and efficiently so it’s guest ready.

Maintaining a superhost status for your Airbnb unit comes with a lot of work. Rental unit cleaning is just one of the countless jobs you need to perform to keep things running efficiently. Working a day job and then afterwards trying to run an airbnb on the side can be stressful. Let us help you remove some of that stress by taking care of the cleaning aspect for you. 

Our cleaning methods meet and exceed the standards provided by superhosts. Having a clean rental adds to the experience of the guests. They will feel comfortable and will leave great reviews. Contact us today for airbnb cleaning in Sault Ste. Marie!

Professional window cleaning services sault ste marie ontario
Professional window cleaning services sault ste marie ontario


Thorough Airbnb Disinfection Cleaning Services in Sault Ste. Marie

As Covid-19 is still slightly apart of our lives, we put in place airbnb and rental unit cleaning procedures to make certain every area is not only cleaned, but completely disinfected. To do this, our cleaners will:

  • Wear gloves and use the necessary protective gear
  • Pay special attention to regularly touched items and surfaces
  • Use disinfectant products that work 100%
  • Disinfect our own equipment in between different properties
  • Spray each room with a disinfectant spray before leaving 
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